Floor Plans

How can you avoid costly mistakes when furniture shopping?

Ever purchase the wrong size sofa? It looked great in the store, but in your home, it doesn’t fit. Oops! Guess what? You still own it. That error can run you thousands of $$$$. When you shop with a Classic Design floor plan (pictured below, click to view larger image) in hand, it has accurate room dimensions and furniture sizes allowing you to purchase with confidence.

Using our floor plan you can shop ’til you drop wherever you want. You aren’t tied to working at one store that has an in-store designer. With your professionally designed floor plan you’ll also avoid costly mistakes. This takes the headache out of shopping and puts the fun back in!

With Classic Design, you’ll also receive fabulous design ideas to suit your taste and style, once you complete our questionnaire and send us photos of your room.


Ready to get started?

To order your customized floor plan, click the PayPal button. Soon after, you’ll receive instructions and a lifestyle questionnaire to begin the re-design. Our floor plan service is fast, affordable, and fun!

Fee for the service is $225 (USD) per room.