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Want to avoid costly mistakes while furniture shopping? A great floor plan achieves that.

What you’ll receive is:

1. A customized floor plan of your space including furniture dimensions.
2. Design ideas to suite your taste and style.

We work together. Here’s what we’ll need from you:

1. Room dimensions, including window and door placement.
2. Photos of the room from many angles.
3. A completed Lifestyle questionnaire from Classic Design.

Customized floor plan arrives within 1 week.

Use the plan when furniture shopping to have room size and furniture dimensions handy.

Fee for the service is
$300.00 ( USD )
Quantity 1
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  • Description summary
This floor plan is in color and very realistic. Seeing this visual helps homeowners decide if they want a sectional or sofa/loveseat and shows specific furniture pieces on the plan. Advantage: is furniture hasn't been purchased yet.